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Do not touch or use ZYPREXA.

Very Dangerous and Toxic Drug and has a Black Box Warning. Can cause DEATH.





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Do not trust these Dogs.

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Bruce Kahn (Looks like Bruce needs an ankle bracelet)


Rupak Dasgupta

He has been associated with mental health from the age of 25; He started with DPM (Diploma in Psychological medicine ) in India from CIP ranchi , then worked as a senior registrar at Amritsar India, during this period he cleared PLAB (Professional and linguistic board )to work and train in psychiatry in UK , He Completed MRCPsych and moved to Australia in end of 2009 and passed exemptions exams in the most trying pass % in the world to obtain his fellowship ( exemptions exam)



John Reilly

Charles Mambwe

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Kathri Satarasinghe

Michele Pathe

Simone Kefford

Cindy Roepke

Sue Newman

Karen Johnson

Vera Old Bitch

Cheryl Dick Head EN

Katie Baskerville

Satish Karunakaran

Toni Clayton

Darrelle Fat Bitch

Tegan Ely

Celeste Lynn

Daniel Ferguson

Steve Groves

Dr Bandu

Sue Bell


Masimba Dune

Courtney Dyer-Cook Perverting Course of Justice

Tracey Secure

Tom Pierre (drug injector)

Tammy Law

Andrea Bitch EN Secure

Helen Reception Secure Bitch

John Baird (Narcissistic NAZI)

Fat Anne

Charity Garner Bitch

Nikea OT

Allen Orr (Lazy}



Michael Catt

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Vinay Gupta


Sivagnanam Agilan Drug Dealer

Lawrence Kozlowski Fuckwit

Jane Hay Slut

Anna Lazzari Bimbo

Jason Lee Pokie Addict

David Hartman

Sarah Beaney

Hemant Sharma

Aaron Little Liar

Sue Froggart Sickies

Alex Bonyhai

Dr Nissar

Fiona Meagher

Dr Adrian Morris Dickhead

Helen Ridley

Ann Herriot

Dr Tess Garrone

Judith McDonnell

Tony Mooney

Kieran Keyes

Fat Simba Sawriou

Mushtaq Mohiuddin

Manish Khanna

Khaldoon Alsaee

Sumudu Rajapkse

Melissa Walls

Darren Green

Naomi Green

John Small

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Cameron Dick

Campbell Newman

Helen Kiwi Bitch

Julia Gillard

Did you know that if a psychiatrist diagnosis you with a mental disorder or mental health condition, then every psychiatrist who sees you after that first assessment, will diagnose you with a mental illness.

If you sit down with a doctor long enough they will eventually find something wrong with you.